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"Take the Bus to 18th & Vine"
Poem by Marcia Hurlow
Broadside Design by Sydney Baird

Dear KC 2023 
Winning Poem

Dear KC: Take the Bus Home to 18th and Vine

by Marcia Hurlow

I set the needle here and a trumpet plays.
Drop it and the record never plays again.

There’s no choice in accident.
The context varies, always grief

And its distraction of memory, how he
drove the distance with one hand on the wheel.

Sometimes, I think of joy, but briefly, as he
thumbed his I-Pod, Dejohnette to Watson.

Today, add my fear of his lack
of control, which lead, of course,

to lacking him, a track as immediate
and as universal as Coltrane.

Marcia Hurlow, Poet


Marcia L. Hurlow's first full-length book of poetry, Anomie, won the Edges Prize (WordTech). She also has five chapbooks. Her individual poems have been published by Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Chicago Review, Nimrod, River Styx, Baltimore Review, Louisville Review and The Hopper, among others. She is co-editor of Kansas City Voices.

Sydney Baird, Graphic Designer


Sydney Baird is a graphic designer at Crux. Born and raised in Kansas City, she is a passionate designer who finds inspiration in the intersection of art and communication. Her creative journey began at the University of Oklahoma, where she pursued a degree in Visual Communication. During her time there, Sydney honed her skills in various design disciplines, from typography and branding to digital illustration and layout design. After completing her education, Sydney returned to Kansas City to start her career in marketing as a professional graphic designer where she learned the value of collaboration. Sydney enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with her peers and clients to create dynamic work that creatively solves problems. In her free time you can find her exploring new restaurants in the city or binge watching British reality TV shows (any Love Island UK fans?).


In this poster I sought to capture the essence of grief entwined with the spirited rhythms of jazz music. Through a layered and textured style, I aimed to create a visual representation that resonates with viewers, stirring their own introspections and personal connections. At the heart of this composition lies a poem that explores the intricacies of grief. The central element of the poster is a record, an emblem of jazz music. The record itself morphs and evolves, its grooves transforming into a meandering road home to 18th and Vine. It signifies the cyclical nature of emotions, echoing the rhythms of jazz and intertwine with unpredictable harmony. Layering and texture play crucial roles in this composition, mirroring the complexities of grief. Through this poster, I invite the audience to explore the interconnectedness of grief and jazz and to delve into their own emotions.


Young Friends of the Kansas City Public Library in collaboration with KC Streetcar and Crux KC

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